How to make ONE meal plan that pleases everyone

...without eating the same thing over and over!


During this FREE virtual meal planning class, you'll learn:

  • How to get out of the rut of making the same things over and over!
  • My secret to making more meals with fewer ingredients (without trying out a gazillion new recipes)!
  • The top 3 mistakes that EVERYBODY makes when meal planning and WHY they're costing you precious time!
  • How to grocery shop less often but still save money on groceries (without couponing)!
  • My 5-step blueprint for creating a plan that starts with the ingredients first and not the dinner idea!

If your kids aren't as excited about dinner as this kiddo... 😂 Sign up here 👇🏼

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Heyyy, I'm Elisa!

...and I have been teaching meal planning and organization to busy moms for over 10 years.

My motto is "Keepin' meal planning simple!" because everything I teach has one goal: to keep meal planning as simple as possible so you can do it less often...

I want to give you time to spend time with your family and on the important things, instead of stressing over what's for dinner!

I can't wait to teach you some of my top secrets for making a meal plan that starts with the ingredients your family already loves - so you can make just ONE dinner that pleases everyone! See you there!

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