Plan your summer meals in less than an hour!

Take the stress out of feeding your kids for the whole summer!

Nine weeks of:

  • simple mix-n-match lunches to save you time
  • easy kid-friendly dinner ideas that don't use the oven!
  • blank meal planner to plan it all out!
Yes, I want it!

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Easy lunch + dinner ideas to feed your kids all summer long!

No more staring at an open fridge at lunch time!

With 9 weeks of lunch combinations mapped out for you, this super simple guide will help you make lunches for your kiddos effortlessly!

No more figuring out what’s for dinner all summer long!

You’ll also get 45 summer dinner ideas that are easy, delicious, and heat-proof! They are all no-bake, crockpot, or grilling dinners so you don’t have to cook in a hot kitchen.

Mix & Match

Make unlimited options with the 9 weeks of lunch combinations that include a main dish, vegetable, and fruit.

Each week is laid out for you, and you can use it as-is or you can mix and match for your child's individual likes & dislikes.

You can mix and match the dinner options too - just pick a no-bake, crockpot, or grilling dinner and you're all set!


I subscribe to a healthy-ish way of feeding my kids. To me, that means mostly clean, whole, unprocessed foods.

Since I don't give you brands or tell you exactly what to buy, you can choose your own products and brands!

And the dinner recipes follow the same healthy-ish philosophy - mostly good stuff with a little convenience thrown in.

Memories > Dinner

Keepin' meal planning simple is my motto. I want that especially to be true in the summer, when I'd much rather be hanging out in the pool or at the beach.

I know you don't want to be thinking about what's for dinner every day! This guide is super simple, and gives you options (but not too many!).

Spend time making memories instead of dinner.

So...what exactly will you get?

Yes, 9 weeks of lunch ideas!

  • Main dishes
  • Kid-friendly Vegetable ideas
  • Lots of Fruits

You can use the weeks as-is or use them to mix and match to personalize for your child!

45 no-oven required dinners that are super easy and kid-friendly!

  • No-bake ideas - salads, wraps, easy one-pot meals
  • Crockpot dinners to keep the kitchen cool
  • Grilling recipes - great for minimal clean-up

Just plug these ideas into your meal planner (also included) and your summer lunches and dinners are all done!

only $27 $19

BONUS! Trello board!

You already know how awesome Trello is? Okay, good. Now add every single idea and recipe from the guide onto one board and your meal planning just got SO much easier.

And if you don't know what Trello is, there's a video that walks you through it. Step by step.

Did I mention there's also a sample meal plan for 4 weeks (with grocery list!)???

Seriously, just review the ideas, pick which ones your kiddos will love, and your entire summer's meals are planned!

Don’t wait, have fun with your kiddos this summer instead of constantly figuring out what to feed them!